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Rate Increase


After a Cost of Service Study the Board of Directors approved a 5 year rate strategy back in 2015 to help guide our future rate changes. The overall strategy was to slowly raise the base charge over the next 5 years while adjusting the kWh energy down and bill more kW demand to more accurately reflect the true cost of service.

We are currently charging $23.00 on our residential members for our fixed costs and plan to increase that to $25.25 and do away with the PCA charge that appears on your bill each month. The average increase to our members is less than 2 percent. Your March billing statement will reflect the new fixed cost. Those members who are on the electric heat rate will see an increase from 5.3 cents to 5.5 cents per kwh.

The commercial members will see a small increase to $11.00 per kw for the first 25 kw of demand in addition to the $3.25 increase to the base charge. If you have any questions on your billing statement please contact us at 279-2135 or 393-1500. Our goal is to provide safe, reliable, efficient and reasonably priced electricity and services to you our members.


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